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These Best Diners In The Southern States Of America

No trip to the South would be complete without eating out in a diner. Along with barbecue joints, the diner is guaranteed to be packed with both locals and tourists in the area. Below is our pick of the best diners in the southern states, who have exemplified themselves with their history, style and by offering a real taste of the south. Let find out These Best Diners In The Southern States Of America below.


These Best Diners In The Southern States Of America

Big Bad Breakfast – Mississippi

Big Bad Breakfast will make you never look at a breakfast plate the same again, in the best possible way. Breakfast is the most important meal, and Big Bad Breakfast will certainly ensure that you look forward to it. Offering a large variety of breakfast foods, all of which come in substantial portions, their skillets are particularly popular, but definitely require you to bring a big appetite. They make their own bacon, breakfast sausage and cured ham, and eggs come from the nearby White Oak Pastures.

Big Bad Breakfast - Mississippi

The Beacon Drive In – South Carolina

A famous Southern landmark responsible for a sizable chunk of Spartanburg’s tourism, The Beacon Drive In lends much of its success to embracing its traditions. For example, it is one of the few drive ins in the country to still offer curb service, and their famous Beacon iced tea is so popular that they sell more tea than any other restaurant in the US. Their food comes in large servings, with chili cheese a plenty, sliced pork a plenty, onion rings, Pig’s Dinner and ice cream being a few of the favorite dishes among regulars. Dinner in true drive in style.

The Beacon Drive In - South Carolina

OK Café – Georgia

The support given by the local community after the restaurant had to be temporarily closed following an electrical fire shows just how important OK Café is to Georgia locals. But as their slogan goes: no worrie, everything’s OK.’ Serving up breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner with one of Atlanta’s largest selections of dishes. It is traditional American fare cooked from home recipes that have been kept within the diner since its opening some 30 years ago. That is once of These Best Diners In The Southern States Of America.

OK Café - Georgia

Camellia Grill – Louisiana

A testament to the Camellia Grill‘s popularity can be found in the outpouring of support during its closure following Hurricane Katrina. It reopened in 2007, and while physically updated, it continues to honor its traditions which date back to its opening in 1946. That is once These Best Diners In The Southern States Of America.
The most popular dishes include the pecan pie heated on the grill, giant omelettes, cheeseburgers and freezes. The service style is also very traditional, it still offers counter service and many of the staff have been around long enough to know most of the customers by name.

Galaxy Diner – Virginia

The bright lights and promise of breakfast all day and night has long drawn customers into the doors of Galaxy Diner. The décor combines the two elements of its name, as a 50s diner meets outer space odyssey with chrome and leather in abundance. That is once of These Best Diners In The Southern States Of America.
In addition to all day breakfasts and classic American fare, the diner also offers Tex Mex, meat platters, deli sandwiches and galactic baskets and appetizers for a meal that’s outta this world. Space puns or not, Galaxy gives a masterclass in how to do a themed diner right.

Galaxy Diner - Virginia

Lucy’s Diner – Arkansas

Open 24 hours a day with breakfast served round the clock, Lucy’s Diner really knows how to cater to its customers and this has made it Arkansas’s go to diner. Their food calls itself home style country cooking just like grandma made it. Variety is aplenty here, from burgers and breakfasts to local specials, salads and even drinks, with over 100 drink choices. Its free pie on Monday and Thursday is another reason that keeps locals and visitors coming back. Always open, ever popular.

Lucy's Diner - Arkansas

The Diner – Oklahoma

A 50s style diner specializing in big, hearty portions of classic American and Tex Mex cooking, Oklahoma’s The Diner has been open since the 1950s, and is very proud of its history. The interior and exterior décor of the diner has stayed true to its roots. The building has housed the restaurant since it was first built in 1890, making it an interesting stop for those who are interested in 19th century restaurant architecture. For everyone else, their extensive breakfast and lunch menu is sure to be enough to keep you occupied.

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